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Friday, December 10, 2004

Greeting Customs In Kuwait

In Kuwait, when two male friends meet they shake hands and sometimes give a kiss on the cheek, and the same thing between two female friends.But when a male and a female friend they can't do the same, they just greet each other from a distance.When a meeting happens between two strangers they only shake hands.

Summary of p 159-160

The meaning of Touch
Touch communication,which also known as haptics,means the study of human touch behavior.Touching is the first sence human used, even by children,when we patted them os stroked them, they explore the world with their hands. There are five important meanings of touch. The first one is the Positive Affect which happens mainly between people with strong relationship, and the most important effects are support,appreciation,inclusion ans sexual interest.The second one is Playfulness, which could be effectionately or aggressively.The last one I'll talk about is Control.Sometimes touch could direct the other person's behaviors, attitudes and feelings like to get someone's attention as if we say"look at me".This meaning also say that the person with higher status is permitted to tooch the person with lower status,like police officer and accused, the police officer can put his arm on the accused back, and the same with teacher and student.

Sunday, December 05, 2004


Nonverbal behavior always communicates

It is important to know that all behavior communicates and not to behave is impossible. The nonverbal behavior communicates things to people.
Small movement are important too, mostly in interpersonal relationships, like when two people like each other and when they simply being polite. Stating the way of knowing that might be difficult. Many participant s such that the muscles around the eyes, the degree of eye contact and others constitute the inferences. However, all nonverbal behavior is communicates.


Sunday, November 28, 2004

Greeting in Bahain

In Bahrain people usually shake hands when they meet. When two male friends, two female friends or two strangers meet they shake hands. Unless if the friends had along time they did not meet and in the excepted events like Eids and marriage, they give kiss on the cheek and give a marm abrazas.When a male and a female friends meet they did not shake hands, they just say the greeting and smile.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

sick children and psychological treatment


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